Tubing in Cable

Adding tubing to flat cables

Flat Cables with Tubing

You can design all sorts of tubing into your Cicoil flat cables. These include tubing for gases and/or liquids, right alongside power, signal, data or video conductors. We also manufacture many cables that are 100% tubing, in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and tubing materials.

Versatility & Performance

  • PTFE, PFA, Polyurethane, Tygon® and PVC Tubes can be used in Cicoil flat cables
  • Multiple tube diameters are available, including a variety of tube diameters in a single flat cable
  • Tubing can be included virtually anywhere, in any quantity, in any flat cable
  • ‘Tubing Only’ cables also available, in multiple variations
  • Simplify design and packaging by combining tubing with power, signal, data and video conductors, all in a single flat cable
  • Custom shaped cables with tubing
  • Class 1 Clean Room Rated; Free of Halogens, Contaminants and Particulates

When you need the ultimate in flexible cables with integrated tubing, you need Cicoil

Cable tubing Cable with tubing flat cable tubing

Flexible Flat Cable - Cicoil Standard Series

Flat Cable Live Catalog

Go here to view our Standard line of flexible flat cables. Each series offers bulk cable and finished assemblies in multiple lengths. Find full specifications and pricing here.

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Online Cable Designer

Design your own flat cables right now, and receive an instant drawing and price. Millions of possible variations, and your custom cable is shipped 1-2 weeks after ordering.

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Customized Cables

Go here when you need a sophisticated custom flat cable, assembly or harness. Any level of sophistication. View examples and request a quote on your specific needs.

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