Custom Flat Cables the Easy Way

Design the exact cable your application requires. Online, fast, and easy. We’ll provide a finished sales drawing with a part number and price for your cable design, with no obligation to buy, sent directly to your email box. Should you decide to buy, just call Cicoil with your design’s part number. We’ll know exactly what you want. Custom cables are produced and shipped within 2-weeks! How great is that?
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Micro IDC Connector Install

Micro IDC Ribbon Cables feature a conductor count up to 60, just like standard IDC ribbon cables, yet are half the physical size and weight. Here we’ll show you how to add the terminating connector to a Micro IDC ribbon cable. It’s amazingly quick and easy.
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Harsh Environments

Some environments are just too much for most wire and cable. These include the likes of the vacuum of space, extreme moisture and steam, extreme high & low temperatures, salt water, chemical and acid exposure, dessicating humidity, and others. Cicoil flat cable excels through use of exclusive materials and manufacturing processes.

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Flat Cables for a Round World

Even though Cicoil flat cable offers so many performance advantages over common round cable, they have been more time consuming to use. Until now. EZ-Flexx is the new flat cable from Cicoil that is as easy use as round cable. We call it "The Flat Cable for a Round World." See what makes EZ-Flexx special.
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Mission Critical Flat Cables

Cicoil Flat Cables are the "go-to" electronic wiring method when it comes to mission-critical applications. For 60 years aerospace, high-end computing, medical diagnostics, military/defense, and motion-control engineers have been specifying Cicoil. Learn why.
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A History of Innovation

60 years of Flat Cable innovation and production. Cicoil invented the modern flat cable and continues to supply the most critical applications on and off Earth. If you are tasked with making sure critical electronics perform, spend 2 minutes here to learn about a company you should know about: Cicoil.
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Standard Cicoil Flat Cables Overview

This video provides a great overview of Standard Cicoil Flat Cable types. These are generally in stock and ready to ship.

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Top 5 Reason to Use Flat Cable (vs round cable)

There are many great reasons to prefer flat cable, and this video highlights our Top 5 Reasons.

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Flat Cable Online Configurator Demo

This video tutorial demonstrates everything you need to know to quickly design a custom flat cable using Cicoil’s Online Configurator.

Try the Configurator

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How To Prep Hi-Flex Unshielded Flat Cables or Festoon Cables-Cicoil 969M Seriess

How to prepare and terminate a Cicoil Hi-Flex Unshielded Flat Cable, specifically the 969M Series, and Cicoil Festoon Cables.  The video shows how to slit between the individual conductors, how to strip the Flexx-Sil jacketing from the conductors, to expose the hi-flex wire, and to enable it to be terminated to any standard connector or lug.
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How To Easily Strip a Cicoil Flat Cable

EZ-Flexx Flat Cable is easy to strip and prepare for termination with common wire stripping tools. Automated equipment makes it even easier, as demonstrated in this video. Watch the video, then learn more about EZ-Flexx Flat Cable HERE»
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Product Spotlight - Cicoil Flexx-Sil Cables

Design World Senior Editor Mary Gannon discusses Cicoil's Flexx-Sil flexible, flat tubing cables.
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What Is Flexible Cabling?

Flexible cables, or continuous-flex cables, are specially designed to cope with tight bending radii and physical stress.
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Product Spotlight - Cicoil's Flexx-Sil Flat Data and Video Cables

Mary Gannon, senior editor with Design World, highlights flat data and video cables from Cicoil Corp., featuring the company's Flexx-Sil jacketing. This product family includes Cat 5e, Cat 6, Camera Link, Controlled Impedance, Flexible Coax and USB.
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How to Strip a Flat Cicoil Flexx-Sil™ Cable

How-To video gives simple, step-by-step instructions on how to strip the Flexx-Sil™ jacket from a Cicoil flexible flat cable, exposing the conductors in the flat cable, in preparation for terminating the flat cable to any connector.
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Cicoil Flexible Flat Cables for Clean Room or Vacuum Use

Explanation of how Cicoil Flat Cables are ideal for Clean Room and Vacuum Applications found in many semiconductor, medical, and other high-tech industries. Cicoil manufactures a wide variety of flat cables, including cables with signal, video, and power conductors, and even liquid and gases, all in a single, compact cable. Complete cable assemblies, with connectors, are also available.
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How To Install IDC Connectors on a Cicoil Ribbon Cable

Video on how to install standard, IDC connectors on a High-Flex Cicoil Ribbon Cable. Since Cicoil cables are so flexible, it takes a different technique to install IDC connectors, and this video shows how simple and easy it is to attach these standard connectors to standard Cicoil ribbon cables.
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Rich Buchicchio Interview

Al-Tech Associates inteviews Rich Buchicchio Eastern Sales Manager for Cicoil.
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Cold as Ice

See the reaction of 3 different cables, including Cicoil flexible cable, when in freezing cold temperatures!
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NEW Lunar Rover Flexes With Cicoil Cables

When you see the motion of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's TriATHLETE, a next generation Lunar Rover, it will become apparent why Cicoil high flex flat cables are being used. Of course, having a NASA rating for use in outer space doesn't hurt either!
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Cicoil – Burn, Baby Burn

Vivid demonstration of how Cicoil cables handle heat better than other flat cables.
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Cicoil Testing Lab — Live!

Watch live as we put our cables through their paces. This is a live view of our Testing Lab.
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