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Cicoil’s Quality System is AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 assessed and certified.

Download Cicoil Certificate of Registration for AS9001D/ISO9001:2015»

Every cable assembly is 100% tested for electrical performance and physical dimensions before shipment to a customer. Our automated cable testing equipment can inspect up to 2,000 point-to-point connections, as well as hi-pot, resistance, and other electrical tests. Sophisticated SPC software allows rigorous six-sigma and Pareto analysis, for continuous improvement of our processes and products.

Certificates of compliance, including actual test data, are available upon request. We retain all inspection and quality records for at least ten years, so customers can be confident that the products they receive meet every specification and quality standard required, and that we have documentation to back it up.

Almost every aircraft flying today uses Cicoil cables, in mission-critical flight control and instrumentation functions. For over fifty years, Cicoil cables have performed flawlessly in thousands of flight, aerospace, space, medical and industrial applications. Mission-critical equipment, and often human life, depends on the quality of Cicoil silicone cables, and each and every person at Cicoil is justly proud of our flawless quality record.

When your mission is critical, you need Cicoil.

Please feel free to download our AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 quality certification or download our ‘Customer Feedback Form’ to provide quality feedback to Cicoil. At Cicoil, an essential part of our quality system is continual improvement, as we constantly strive to improve, setting the bar ever higher. Your feedback helps us to continually improve our quality and customer service.