Clean Room/Outgassing

flat cables for cleanrooms and medical

Cicoil Clean Room Cables

Cicoil cables are suitable for use in class 1 to 100,000 clean room environments. No particulates are generated from Cicoil cables during use in static or dynamic applications.

Product Type: Cicoil Ultraflex cables
Product Family: Flat and round cables using Flexx-Sil™ jacket
Effectivity: Cicoil flat and round cables
Applicable Standard: ISO 14644-1 (ISO 3 - 8)
Applicable Standard: FED STD 209E

Verification Detail:

  • Optical Particle counter and logging
  • Time duration testing = 120 minutes
  • Static and dynamic* specimen testing
    *Dynamic speed testing velocities varied from 0.2 to 10 ft./min.

Air Flow Verification:

  • Airflow volume control baseline verified
  • Air velocity control baseline verified
  • Unidirectional flow area baseline verified
  • Room air exchange rates baseline verified
  • HEPA filter integrity verified
  • Temperature / relative humidity baseline verified


Static 5.0 0
5.0 0
Static 1.0 0
1.0 0
Static 0.5 0
0.5 0
Static 0.3 0
0.3 0
Static 0.2 0
0.2 0
Static 0.1 0
0.1 0

Cicoil Cables Outgassing Performance

Cicoil outgassed cables meet the following outgassing requirements:


Certified to Total Mass Loss (TML): <1.00%
CVCM (Collected Volatile Condensable Materials): <0.10%
Vacuum Bake (PSI): 10-6 torr
Vacuum Bake (Temp): +160ºC
Vacuum Duration (h): 48 hours

Other Ratings

NASA Outgassing Specification: Spec 1124
Standard Test Method for TML and CVCM: ASTM E595-93

1. Outgassing certificates available upon request.
2. Additional outgassing fee may apply, contact Cicoil for details.


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