Flexx-Sil Jacketing

flat cables more flexible with Flexx-Sil jacketing

Flexx-Sil Makes Flat Cables Simply Superior

Cicoil invented the ribbon cable in 1956, and we have continually perfected and improved our technology to make high performance flat cables. After years of extensive R&D, Cicoil achieved a breakthrough in the method and materials used in making our flexible flat cables. In combination with our patented extrusion process, Cicoil developed an exclusive material which is ideally suited to high flex, high performance flat cable applications. This unique material is called Flexx-Sil™, and it combines the best aspects of the silicone rubber polymer with our exclusive extrusion process, to make the most advanced cable jacketing material available in the marketplace.

Flexx-Sil™ cable jacketing provides the following high performance features:

  • Temperature Extremes – Operates at temperatures from -104°C to +260°C. Also stays flexible in temps as low as -100°C.
  • Flexibility – Has the natural flexibility of silicone rubber, which is more than twice as flexible as PVC or PTFE insulation.
  • Crystal Clear – Flexx-Sil™ is crystal clear, and virtually translucent, clearly showing the purity and the cleanliness of the material.
  • Low Outgassing – The purity of Flexx-Sil™ means that it has very low outgassing characteristics, as the molecular bond is extremely strong, and the extrusion process results in virtually zero impurities.
  • Durable – Flexx-Sil™ has a Durometer of 65 (Shore A), and can be provided in a SuperTuff™ version with a Durometer of 85 (Shore A).
  • Zero Particulates – The purity of Flexx-Sil™ results in a Class 1 Clean Room rating, as the insulation material has zero particulates
  • Halogen Free – Flexx-Sil™ jacketing is 100% Halogen Free
  • Water/Chemical/UV Resistant – Flexx-Sil™ jacketing is water proof (including immersion), is resistant to most chemicals, and can operate for years in intense UV and sunlight conditions.

Flexx-Sil Composition

The description and composition of Cicoil Flexx-Sil™ jacket is as follows:

  • Generic Description: Ultra pure, zero additives and no contaminants.
  • Physical Form: Flexible yet durable
  • Color: Translucent clear
  • Odor: None
  • NFPA Profile: Health 0 Flammability 1 Instability/Reactivity

Physical and Chemical Properties

PropertyUnitTest MethodValue
Temperature range °C ASTM D2137 & UL 94HB -104 to 260
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 65-70
Water Absorption % vol. change ASTM D471 <+5
Tensile Strength PSI ASTM D412 >800
Elongation at Break % ASTM D412 >400
Tear Strength lb/in Die B ASTM D624 280
Brittle Point °C ASTM D2137 -70
Flame Retardant Temp. °C UL94HB & IEC332 260 min
Decomposition Temp. °C PTL 13057 446.2
Combustion Temp. °C PTL 13057 710.3

Durometer of Cicoil Flexx-Sil Cables

Cicoil's Flexx-Sil™ Cable Jacket has a rating of Shore A65. This rating offers a tough yet flexible jacket that can resist impacts and other physical abuse. See the chart below for a simple way to relate shore ratings to common objects.

Rubber Hardness – The Shore Scale

Shore Scale for Rubber Hardness

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