Nano Connectors

nano connector on cicoil cable

Nano Connectors on Cicoil Flat Cables

Most Nano connectors use crimped terminal connections. As explained below, those just aren't good enough for high performance Cicoil flat cable. Cicoil uses soldered connections in our Nano connectors. 

Quality and Reliability

  • Solder tabs are reliable, repeatable and can be visually inspected. Solder tabs are an excellent alternative to Crimped Connections which are not visible, and prone to undetectable defects.
  • Soldered tabs are proven superior in vibration and shock applications. With crimped connections, potting can infiltrate between the crimp and the wire, weakening the crimped joint.
  • Solder Tab Nano assemblies provide absolute reliability in Mission Critical Flight applications. Solder Tabs are void-free, eliminating issues of oxidation, corrosion and CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) found with crimped connections.
  • Soldered Nano connectors, encapsulated in potting, form extremely strong and rugged electrical connections, allowing them to excel in the most extreme environments.

Envelope Size

  • Crimped contacts require relatively thick, stiff insulated wires. These often negate the small package benefits of a Nano Connector, as the envelope size of the wires exceeds the size of the Nano connector. Solder tabs can use smaller wires, with thinner insulation, allowing a much smaller, lighter overall package size. And by encapsulating the wires in a thin, compact Cicoil flat cable, the wires are protected and much more easily managed and routed into small, compact sizes.
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