• Certified LSZH

    5 Cicoil Standard Cable Series are Low Smoke Zero Halogen.

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  • A giant leap
    for mankind

    Cicoil cables were worn by Neil Armstrong
    for the historic moon landing in 1969.

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  • Need Flex?

    Flat cables are inherently more flexible than round cable.

  • We’ve Earned Our Wings

    In Mission-Critical
    Military/Aerospace Applications

  • Space Tight?

    Flat cables occupy just 50% the space of comparable round cable.

  • Messy Wires?

    Flat cable brings simplicity and order compared to the messy spaghetti of round cable.

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Online Cable Designer

Design your own flat cables right now, and receive an instant drawing and price. Millions of possible variations, and your custom cable is shipped 1-2 weeks after ordering.

Flexible Flat Cable - Cicoil Standard Series

Flat Cable Live Catalog

Standard flexible flat cables are available for immediate purchase. Go here for specifications, pricing, or to place an order.

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Custom Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies, complete with the connectors of your choice, are available for any application. Go here to get design ideas, or to request a quote.

Flexible Flat Cable - Cicoil Standard Series

Flat Cable Technology

Explore the technology behind our flat cables, and learn what makes them excel in the toughest applications.


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The Leader in Flat Cable Technology

Cicoil invented flat cables in 1956, and we are the world’s leading manufacturer of flat cables and flat cable assemblies, complete with virtually any connector. In addition to our full line of standard cables, our Online Flat Cable Configurator lets you design literally millions of variations of flat cables, to exactly fit your needs. Our flat cables can easily combine power, signal, data, video, air, and liquid, all in one compact, sleek flat cable.

Cicoil Flat Cables and Cable Assemblies are used in thousands of demanding applications, in a wide variety of industries:

Cicoil Flat Cables deliver significant advantages compared to round cables.
Here are the 3 main reasons to Go Flat!

Super Flexible

  • Cicoil Flat Cables are inherently more flexible than round cables.
  • Flat Cables have very small bend radiuses, allowing them to fit in small spaces.
  • Cicoil flat cables have a rated Flex Life of 10-20 Million Flex Cycles, and they often perform for more than 100 million flex cycles.

Flat Cables Save Space

  • Flat cables occupy just 50% of the space of comparable round cables
  • Power, Signal, Data, Video, Air and Liquids can all be combined in one, compact flat cable, saving space and eliminating bulky, expensive cable tracks.
  • Flat cables eliminate the mess and unreliability of individual wires, greatly simplifying your design.

Extreme Environments

  • Cicoil’s exclusive Flexx-Sil jacket operates from -104°C to +260°C, and under exposure to water, sunlight, radiation, and most chemicals.
  • Low Outgassing makes our Flat Cables ideal for vacuum applications, including satellite and space applications.
  • Flexx-Sil is Class 1 Clean-Room rated, emits Zero Halogens, and is Flame Tested and Rated.

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Full Master Catalog

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LSZH Catalog

  • 16 page flip-book, viewable now online
  • All of Cicoil's Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables in one place
  • Learn the value of LSZH cables
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Explore our Flat Cable Technology and products on our website, or call 661-295-1295 to speak directly to one of our engineers. We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you Go Flat!

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