• Air And Liquid Tubing With Power Signal And Any Connectors
  • Any Connector In Any Orientation Shown By This Aerospace Assembly
  • Highly Complex Cables Operate Targeting Pod In Over 1000 Fighter Jets Worldwide
  • CAT5 Right Angle Custom Shape Cable Assembly For Commercial Aircraft
  • Cable Assembly Custom Formed For Semicon With Added Rib For Strength
  • Cable Assembly Potted To Circuit Board For Missile Head
  • Cable Assembly With Litz Wire And Variety Of Connectors For Missile Application
  • Cable Assembly With Video And Multiple Connectors
  • Cables Flat Into Std Commercial Connectors
  • Complex Aerospace Cable Harness With Flat Flexing Cables And Multiple Connectors
  • CustomCable HPIM4196
  • Flat Cable With Thru Holes Replaces Flex Circuit
  • Flat Cables Formed With Tabs Fit In Tight Spaces
  • Formed Cable With Split Inside
  • Multi Headed Custom Cable Assembly2
  • Power Signal And Tubing In One Cable For Medical Diagnostic Equipment

    Cicoil Custom Cable RFQ

    All Requests for Quotes (RFQ) will be followed up with contact from a Cicoil Representative. Any questions or clarifications will be addressed.

    Cable Use
    Is the cable going to be:
    Cable Makeup DETAILS


    Any Wire - Wire, Cable, Tubing, Fiber Optics; Any Shape - Silicone Encapsulation in any shape; Any Size - Wire Gauge from 4-44AWG

    Number and type of conductors, wire gauge, shielded/non-shielded, etc.

    Special Environmental Requirements
    Cable Application
    Cable Coatings DETAILS


    When cables need to be stacked together, or where a lower friction surface is desired, there are two different cable finishes available: GlideRite™ and SlideRite™.


    • The lowest friction available, the cable is as slippery as Teflon®
    • Compound is chemically bonded to the cable, and will not rub or peel off
    • Cable retains all performance characteristics, including temperature range and flexibility
    • Cost is $2-$3 per foot
    • Continuous lengths not available, cable needs to be supplied in 30-80 foot lengths
    • Lead-time is 3 weeks


    • Reduced friction, similar to a PVC cable jacket
    • Compound is chemically bonded to the cable, and will not rub or peel off
    • Cable retains all performance characteristics, including temperature range and flexibility
    • Continuous lengths can be coated
    • Makes cables slightly cloudy in color
    • Cost is $.25 - $1 per foot, depending on cable run lengths
    • Lead-time is 1 week
    Integrated Tubing DETAILS


    Add hollow tubing to cables for transporting fluid and gasses.

    • Standard PTFE, Tygon® and PVC tubes can be integrated in any cable
    • Most diameter sizes supported
    • Specify any location and number of tubes in combination with other conductors
    • Note tubing materials, ID and OD, and any other specifications in the Notes/Questions box above.
    StripMount™ DETAILS


    StripMount™ fiber-reinforced ribbon enables quick and easy cable mounting, and eliminates the need for bulky, expensive cable management systems. With our patented StripMount™ option, fasteners may be safely inserted through the cable for secure attachment to virtually any surface. Note in the Notes/Questions box a specific location for StripMount™ (i.e.- Between 2nd and 3rd conductor.) as necessary.

    Complete Assembly DETAILS


    Cicoil will produce complete cable assemblies to your specifications with the connectors of your choice. Simply specify the required connector(s) in the Notes/Questions box below, and a Cicoil representative will call to confirm the final configuration with you.

    Strip and Tin Cable Ends DETAILS


    Select this option to have Cicoil prepare one or both ends of cable for connectors or other termination. Cable will be stripped as illustrated.

    • Silicone jacket is removed 1" from end of conductors.
    • Insulation (if present) is stripped 0.5" from end of conductors.

    Please note in the Notes/Questions box below if you want one or both ends prepped.
    Note: This option is not needed if you are ordering a Complete Assembly.
    Learn how to prep Cicoil silicone cable for termination here.

    Contact Information

    24960 Avenue Tibbetts
    Valencia, CA 91355
    Phone: 661-295-1295
    Email: flatcable@cicoil.com