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Military/Aerospace Cable and Cable Assembly

    Cicoil has thousands of custom cable assemblies operating in the most sophisticated missile, fighter aircraft, commercial aviation, and space applications. Cicoil's Flexx-Sil™ flat cable and cable assembly are ideal for mission-critical military and aerospace applications.


    • Cicoil flat cable and cable assemblies, with Flexx-Sil™ encapsulation, perform flawlessly in temperatures from -65°C to +260°C
    • Cicoil Flexx-Sil™ flat cable is ultra-flexible and withstand the  and rigors of supersonic flight
    • Will last millions of cycles in the most demanding, constantly flexing applications
    • Flexx-Sil™ cable jacketing is highly resistant to water, steam, and most chemicals
    • Engineering experience and manufacturing knowledge in designing and manufacturing any cable assembly for the most extreme applications


    • Approved by NASA for space flight, Cicoil flat cables exceed outgassing specifications for vacuum and space use
    • AS9100 Certified Quality System meets all aerospace standards 


    • Unique Flexx-Sil™ flat cables allow for extremely compact, lightweight cable designs for weight-sensitive designs
    • Custom cable assembly, including complex and sophisticated cable assemblies, nano connectors, and assemblies with hermetically sealed connectors are available.