High Temperature HDMI Cable

  • High Temperature HDMI Cable for Environments up to 165°C/329°F
  • Ideal for High Definition Multimedia Interface Applications
  • Meets HDMI 1.3 Digital Audio/Video Specifications

Cicoil HDMI Cables excel in high temperature applications. Our patented extrusion process encapsulates conductors in flame- and, heat-resistant Flexx-Sil™ clear jacketing. Their high-flex flat profile and ultra-fine wire conductors dissipate heat and deliver dependable signal consistency throughout their temperature range. Cicoil HDMI cables re also submersible, Clean Room rated, and resistant to salt water, sunlight, UV light, alcohol, most chemicals and oils.

Applications High Definition Multimedia Interfaces

High Temperature HDMI Cable

Flame Resistance Demo

Cicoil cables meets both UL-94V-0 and FAA Vertical Burn standards related to flammability and is confirmed to be self-extinguishing.

Greater Current Carrying Capacity

Cicoil isolates each conductor within the cable, keeping them stable and stationary with no need for low-friction tapes or fillers. These flat cables have greater surface-to-volume ratio than their round cable counterparts, consequently having higher efficiency in dissipating heat. This allows a higher current level for a given temperature rise and conductor cross-section.

Exposure to Heat

Visually, yellowness is associated with scorching, soiling, and general product degradation by light, chemical exposure, and processing. When compared to PC, Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP), and PMMI having been exposed to 160°C (320°F) over a period of 0 hours, 170 hours, 500 hours and finally, 6,500 hours, Flexx-Sil™ was the only material that maintained a Yellowness Index of less than 5 after extreme exposure to heat over time. All other materials compensated their structure after such exposure.
  • Bulk Cable

    • Amp Rating: 5
    • Conductor Gauge: 28 AWG
    • No. of Paired Conductors: 9
    • A - Width (inches): 0.77
    • B - Height (inches): 0.21
    Part Numbers Price per foot Order Through
    HDMI-2000 LOGIN Cicoil

    Complete Assemblies

    Signal (J1): HDMI HDMI-2000
    Cable Length (ft) Part Numbers Price Order Through
    3 HDMI-2000-CA003 LOGIN Cicoil
    6 HDMI-2000-CA006 LOGIN Cicoil
    12 HDMI-2000-CA012 LOGIN Cicoil

    Other connector types available. Please contact Cicoil.

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