Cicoil Patented Flat Cable Extrusion Process
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The exclusive, patented Cicoil extrusion process produces Flexx-Sil™ flat cables in continuous lengths with exacting precision. Cicoil's process allows the inclusion of any combination of conductors to be incorporated into a single cable including:

  • Pneumatic Tubing
  • Twisted Triad, Shielded
  • Single Conductor
  • Optic Fibers
  • Coax
  • Single Conductor
  • Shielded Conductors
  • Tubing
  • Cat 5e
  • Camera Link™
  • Fiber Optics
  • Coax and Twinax

This capability can save you space and reduce much of complexity of your current cabling requirements. From the highly flexible flat cable produced, Cicoil supplies the flat cable in bulk to its customers or manufactures complete cable assemblies to standard or custom specifications.